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FlexRail(tm) A New Transportation System Based on Switchless Rails

Vehicles Decide their Own Route at Junctions While Tracks Underneath Remain Static

  • Brings rroute flexibility of road travel to rail systems
  • Low rolling resistance rails produce highly energy efficient transportation
  • Enables fully autonomous operation using a Traffic Control System
  • Enables electric vehicle powering from renewable energy sources
  • Compatible with existing rails

Demonstration Video of a 1:20 Scale Model

Model Operation
1.Model K and track are G gage and are printed on 3-D printer.
2.Model runs on LiPo rechargable battery.
3. Model uses 2 channel remote control, one for diverter servo, one for motor.
4. In future route programming computer can replace remote control.
5. Computer control can provide a coordinated "dance" of multiple vehicles on common track with collision avoidance.
6. Computer control can also provide random route reprogramming for entertainment and demonstration of a transport service.
7. Patents pending.

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