Holtzman Inc.


NewRail(tm) - A Long Range Solution for Battery Powered Cars and for CO2 Reduction

Enabling a Traffic Control System (TCS) Which Takes Over Driving for Connected Vehicles


  • Fixes Problem with Short Range on Electric Vehicles
  • Low Impact to Existing Road Infrastructure
  • Enables Vehicle Powering from Renewable Energy Sources Delivered through Side Bar

Rendering for an Electrified VW Bus:

Screen Image from Burst Viewer


1. Sidebar installed on divided highways
2. Vehicle moves to left lane and grabber bar extends and rotates to connect exterior roller to sidebar
3. Probe (not illustrated) reaches into sidebar and gets power
4. Metal sidebar provides neutral return for electricity
5. Vehicle switches to sidebar power and starts charging its battery
6. At exit vehicle retracts grabber bar and exits left lane
7. Grabber mechanism can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles

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